• Android Versions: (6.0-6.0.1) Marshmallow
  • Android Versions: (7.0-7.1.2) Nougat
  • Android Versions: (8.0-8.1) Oreo
  • Android Versions: (9.0 - Pie

Mobile applications provide important solutions to manage a business in a better way. Businesses and consumers both demand innovative mobile applications that provide sophisticated user experience. That’s why, the mobile applications development is in huge demand these days. Jannat IT built application software that can be installed on advanced mobile devices. Mobile applications are built to run on various mobile operating systems & devices such as iOS, Android, Blackberry & Windows Phone.

Today apps help people to make bank transactions, purchase goods online, pay bills, purchase book, buy movie tickets, etc. Thus, users prefer to use mobile applications for various platforms like iPhone and Android to communicate with the companies. Mobile applications simplify our lives – we can make purchases, order food from the restaurant, read the news, check the weather. They are used as business diary, organizer & help to watch over our health, to read books etc…

The mobile sites have certain compensations like the development of mobile sites is cheaper. Moreover, in some cases it’s simple to maintain them, they don’t need installation and it’s easier to promote them on the Internet. However, mobile apps are more preferable and increases customer’s reliability.

The mobile applications development has benefited both businesses and users.

Jannat IT has developed versatile mobile applications. Featuring easy-to-use interfaces, these apps can serve as content front-ends, operational aids, or provide other enterprise functionality. We have extensive experience media streaming, e-commerce, and a variety of other technologies to deliver a seamless and powerful application.